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If you like a belly laugh, check out these funny graphics. Many of them are original to this site, the rest are our favorites curated from around the Web. Feel free to suggest more, too.

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Also, take a look at our Funny Videos collection, as a supplement to our Funny Graphics.

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Most of these funny graphics were created in a combination of Photoshop CS5 and higher, Illustrator, Gimp,, or┬ásuch tablet apps as procreate, Photo Editor+, or Mirage. Original stock photos came mostly from Try creating one of these yourself. Just look for a picture of something that grabs your eye because of its weirdness, cuteness, uniqueness, or potential for any of the above, the decide whether or not you need to add any other photo to make a larger piece. If so, make your new file and edit the original pix into it. Finally, add that caption. In these graphics, and comics of all kinds, irony reigns supreme. Things are usually only funny because of either irony or shock effect. We believe the latter is generally a cop out — shock effect graphics generate a nervous, “I can’t believe they actually showed this” kind of laugh, whereas irony just gets a guilt-free belly laugh. We like that better.