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This is our collection of favorite Cool Videos. This is a dynamic collection, growing all the time, so be sure to come back.


Here’s the wonderful Schweppes-sponsored short film, “Signs.?” (Parts 1 and 2 below.)


Or this incredible safety commercial:


And this, about moms:


Cool Videos in Non-Fiction:

Michael Moschen: Juggling rhythm and motion – One of the most influential manipulationists showing his incredible stuff on


Eric Whitacre’s eerie/beautiful “Lux Aurumque” – a virtual choir; so cool!

(Check out his TED lecture, too; one of the better cool videos.)

We’ve added “speed-painting” to our cool videos collection:


Now, here’s the fourth of a series cool videos about “the luckiest people.” According to the source, while some of these incidents look pretty lethal, nobody died or was seriously hurt. I hope they weren’t fibbing.

And the tenth…


A cool videos change-up: FerroFluid responding to a magnetic field: sounds technical, but it is spooky-cool!

Note: do not read the Youtube comments, if you follow this video’s link to Youtube, as the low-lifes of the world have put in some very offensive garbage language.


Here’s an inventor of very cool stuff!

And how about “seeing” a piece of avante garde music (electronica)? First thing, skip to the five minute mark and watch the screen for almost a minute, then watch the whole thing. One of the weirdest-but-coolest of the cool videos we chose.


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Or this…
The “Flawless” Dance Troupe’s first appearance on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. Embedding was disabled at their request, so you need to follow this link to see it: Flawless cool video link.


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