Funny Ads

These funny ads are what all commercials should be:

Herding Cats…


From cats to mice:


And here’s another winner:

And several more from the same series:


How do you not show the Old Spice ads on a page like this?


And then there’s gerbils. Gerbils always make for funny ads…


And sometimes, favorite “funny ads” aren’t funny at all; just cool!:

And this Honda ad, all in one shot, no computer or special effects:


This has been the collection of Funny Ads

There are a lot more ads out there, but so many of them are lewd and decidedly not family-friendly. We opted not to post those here. If, however, you know of any funny ads that are clean and appropriate, at least to the level we’ve posted here, please let us know. Thanks!


Through with funny ads? See funny stand up routines here. We’ve tried to keep them all clean, too, and some of them are side-splittingly funny, so we hope you’ll join us for them.